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Adam Greib was mayor of Helleringen (Moselle) France (now Hellering-les-Fenetrange) in 1672. Grieb families emigrated in the 1600's from Lotzvil, a town in the canton of Berne, Switzerland to an area of eastern Lorraine in the modern-day Moselle département, on the border of an area of Alsace called the Alsace Bossue or "Humped or Crooked Alsace".

Children of Adam Greib:
  • Jean-Jacques [b. 1681] [d. 1681]
  • Adam [m. Sarah Hoffman 1-18-1682]

Adam Greib married Sarah Hoffman on January 18, 1682.

Children of Adam Greib and Sarah Hoffman:
  • Jacob [m. Veronica Lantz] [m. name unknown] [m. magdalena]

Jacob Greib was a cooper and church councilman in Helleringen (Moselle) France. He married Veronica Lantz and later married name unknown, and Magdalena.

Children of Jacob Greib and Veronica Lantz:
  • Jacob [b. 8-14-1711] [m. Elizabeth Ulrich]
  • Maria Katerina/Catarina [b.1714]
Children of Jacob Greib and Name Unknown:
  • Judith
Children of Jacob Greib and Magdalena:
  • Name Unknown
  • Name Unknown

Jacob Grieb - According to oral tradition, Jacob, a cooper by trade, may have killed a college student who slipped into his shop through a narrow opening. As a cooper, he had a long, heavy knife with a cord attached. He usually threw this knife into whichever pole he wanted for making hoops and pulled it to him. He threw his knife and may have killed a student.

Research from Nancy Cripe has found records located at the Diedendorf parish church state "Jacob Grieb was born on the 14th of August 1711. Jacob, the son of Jacob Greib and Veronica Lantz of Helleringen was baptized."

Hellering-les-Fenetrange was Jacob’s actual hometown, as this is where his parents apparently resided (as his baptismal record identifies them as from Elleringen). Jacob had a younger sister born in 1714 named Maria Katerina/Catarina, then his mother died, his father remarried and had a daughter named Judith – so, Jacob had a half-sister named Judith. Then that wife died, and his father married another woman, Magdalena, and they had two daughters. So Jacob had one sister and 3 half-sisters, one from the second wife and two from the third wife. None of them, so far as we know, immigrated to the United States. Jacob’s mother’s name was Veronica Lantz and she was apparently from Switzerland. Records show her as having been Swiss in origin.

Jacob arrived in America on September 28, 1733, on the ship Richard and Elizabeth at the age of 22. Jacob married a German woman, Elizabeth Ulrich and had a family.

In 1765, Jacob and his family are in Franktown, Pennsylvania (seven miles southwest of Altoona, Pa) Jacob had 150 acres in Lancaster Co. Pa. in 1743 and by 1776 had 700 acres in Bedford County, Franktown Township, Pa. After the American Revolution the land around Franktown became higher priced. The Dunkards moved to the rich, level woods of Ohio, settling in the Miami Valley , west and north of Dayton, Ohio during 1798-1800. Jacob did not move to Ohio but died in Pennsylvania in 1801. The original will was translated from German into English by L.W. Shultz.

Children of Jacob Grieb and Elizabeth Ulrich:
  • John [b.1744] [m.Elizabeth Rench] [d.1814]
  • Jacob Jr.[b.1746][m.Barbara Shidler] [d.1805]
  • Elizabeth [b.1748][m.Michael Fetters? Simon Mason]
  • Susannah [b.1750] [m.Christian Snively Sr] [d.1818 Montgomery Co.Ohio]
  • Daniel Sr. [b.1754] [m. Barbara Repogle] [d.1825]
  • Mary [b.1758] [m. John Wise] [d.1786] (GG-Grandparents of Annie Oakley)
  • Samuel Sr. [b.1760] [m.Catherine Nesbitt] [d. 1845]
  • Esther [b.1762] [m.John Wagoner Sr.] [d.1834]
  • Catharine [1764] [m. Leonard Wolf Sr.]
  • Hannah [b.1769] [m. Daniel Martin] [d. 1827]

Jacob Gripe Jr was born in 1746 in Pennsylvania. He married Barbara Shidler, daughter of George Shidler. He died around 1805 in Montgomery County, Ohio
Children of Jacob Gripe Jr and Barbara Shidler:
  • Jacob [b. 5-14-1767] [m.Magdalena ?] [d.11-1-1865 Elkhart Co.Ind]
  • Daniel [b. 5-6-1772] [m.Magdalena Miller] [d. 12-10-1859 Elkhart Co. Ind]
  • Samuel [b.1774] [m.Susannah Noffsinger] [d.1848 Wayne Co. Ind]
  • John [b.1775] [m.Catherine Stutsman] [1856 Carroll Co. Ind]
  • Other possible children- Barbara, Hannah, Esther, Elizabeth

Daniel Cripe was born May 6, 1772 in Altoona, Pennsylvania. In the spring of 1830, he acquired land on the Elkhart Prairie, two miles south of Goshen, Indiana. There he built a cabin. He returned to Montgomery County, Ohio to persuade his family to come to St. Joseph County, Indiana. Among those to accompany him were his son, Samuel and family, Martin Weybright and family, and Jacob Studebaker and family. With the help of neighbors, Daniel constructed a plow with a wooden mouldboard. Tradition states he was the first settler to plow a furrow on the Elkhart Prairie.

Daniel began to preach to pioneer families preaching in German. The Elkhart Church was organized in 1830 and located just southwest of Goshen. Daniel Cripe was the first elder and minister. Daniel died December 10, 1859 and Magdalena on May 25, 1842. Their bodies were moved to the West Goshen Cemetery on May 28, 1961.

Children of Daniel Cripe and Magdalena Miller:
  • Polly[1797][m.John Pippenger] [d.1868]
  • Samuel [b.1799] [m.Esther Cripe 1818, Susannah Mikesell 1825] [d.1862]
  • Benjamin[b.1801] [m.Hannah Ulery] [d.1855]
  • John [b.1802] [m. Polly Cripe] [d.1886]
  • Daniel [b.1805] [m. Sarah Ulery] [d.1885]
  • Emanuel [b.1806] [m.Catharine Mikesell][d.1893]
  • Elizabeth [b.1808] [m.Christian Stouder][d.1840]
  • Susan [b. 2-5-1810] [m.Joseph Stouder, John W. Baker][1840]
  • Catherine [1812] [m. David Mikesell][d.1888]

Samuel Cripe was born in 1799 in Hamilton County, Ohio. His first wife was Esther Cripe, born in 1799 in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Three sons were born to them. Esther died in 1823 and was buried in Montgomery County, Ohio.

Samuel's second wife was Susannah Mikesell, who was born in Montgomery County, Ohio in 1804. She was the daughter of Joseph and Catherine Cripe Mikesell. Fourteen children were born from this union.

Samuel came to Elkhart County, Indiana in 1829 and purchased a tract of timberland near Goshen, Indiana. He also secured land from the Government, enabling him to give eighty acre tracts to each of his seventeen children. In Samuel's last will and testament dated March 31, 1862 he provided for his wife Susanna. Samuel died in 1862 and Susan in 1882. Both are buried in West Goshen Cemetery.

Children of Samuel Cripe and Esther Cripe:
  • Benjamin C[b.10-11-1819] [m.Elizabeth Dell] [d. 10-4-1909]
  • Daniel S.[b.6-11-1821][m.Barbara Rarick] [d.1891]
  • Jacob C. [b.7-18-1823][m.Charlotte Rensberger] [d.6-1-1910]
Children of Samuel Cripe and Susannah Mikesell:
  • Joseph [b.9-5-1825] [m.Elizabeth Rensberger] [d.11-8-1891]
  • David [m.Elizabeth Mikesell] [d.1892]
  • Emanuel [b.3-7-1829][m. Frances Mikesell] [d.8-20-1906]
  • Levi [b.1-3-1831][m.Rebecca Pippenger][d.4-1-1888]
  • Noah M. [9-12-1832][m.Rebecca Baker][d.3-5-1911]
  • Soloman [b.5-10-1836][m.Percilla Monroe] [d.6-17-1917]
  • Katherine [b.4-4-1838] [m. Matha Boon][d.4-5-1914]
  • Aaron [b.9-5-1835] [m.Sarah Weaver][d.3-4-1858]
  • Magdalena [b.4-4-1840] [m.Jacob Rohrer][d.12-3-1905]
  • Susan [b.3-21-1843][m.Soloman Keim] [d.2-11-1901]
  • Fannie [b.10-25-1844] [m.John Warner] [d.3-1-1921]
  • Mary [b.12-31-1846] [m.John Hoovens][d.3-31-1926]
  • Elizabeth [4-20-1849][m.Adam Kiefer][d.10-10-1930]

Noah Cripe was born on September 12, 1832, the son of a pioneer settler, reared in agricultural pursuits and engaged in family most of his life. Noah married Rebecca Baker on November 3, 1853. Her parents were among the early settlers of Elkhart County, Indiana. Noah died March 5, 1911 and Rebecca on October 17, 1913.
Children of Noah Cripe and Rebecca Baker:
  • Catharine [b.8-17-1855] [m.Jonas Farmwald][d.7-16-1921]
  • Elizabeth [b.1856][m. Emanuel Hostetler][1945]
  • Barbara [b.7-7-1858] [m.Albert Eaton][d.9-4-1942]
  • Franklin [b.8-31-1860][m.Clarissa Self] [2-10-1936]
  • John B. [b.1-15-1863][m.Della Carr] [d.12-28-1942]
  • Mary [b.6-5-1864] [d.7-26-1912]
  • Joel B. [b.5-1871] [m.Minnie Rogers] [d,1962]
  • Jesse [b.2-1870][m.Ellen Bartholmew][d.1962]
  • Susanna [b.11-17-1867] [m.George Riley] [d.5-14-1957]
  • Maggie [b.1872][m.John Hess] [1962]
  • Emanuel [b. 1874] [d.3-27-1901]

Franklin B. Cripe (picture) was born August 31, 1860 in Clinton Township, Elkhart County, Indiana. He married Clarissa Self on May 29, 1884. She is daughter of Thomas Self (picture) and Esther Lohr. (picture) Franklin and his family owned a home one mile north of Goshen, encumbered with a $500 mortgage. Franklin raised various kinds of berries, watermelons, and advertised as a grower of small fruits. Franklin died on Febrary 10, 1936 and Clarissa on December 5, 1935. They were both buried in the West Goshen Cemetery.
Children of Franklin B. Cripe and Clarissa Self:
  • Willie [d. at birth]
  • Ralph [b.9-21-1887][d.12-1971] (great autobiography)
  • Jessie [b.8-14-1895][m.Roy J.Kenaga][d.2-2-1964]
  • Ray [b.7-3-1897] [m. Ruth Norris][d.12-19-1972]

Jessie Cripe (picture) was born on August 14, 1895. She grew up in North Goshen Indian and married Roy J. Kenaga on October 9, 1915. She was a strong christian woman, a member of the First Brethren Church in Goshen. She spend many hours at the church quilting and was a wonderful cook. She died of a stroke on February 2, 1964.

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