There is a dispute over who exactly are the parents of Mary Deane. She could be the daughter of John Deane and Sarah Edson. (Sarah Edson was the daughter of The Deacon Samuel Edson). Most likely she is the daughter of Benjamin Deane and Sarah Williams. (Sarah Williams is of Royal descent). Mayflower Families has Mary's mother as Sarah Williams and is sourced this way:

  1. Lowell. Edsons, Early in Bridgewater. Thos. P. James, 1864. p. 22 "She was born 1687, and died 1770.".
  2. Ibid. p. 15: "married Mary Dean, daughter of Benjamin Dean, of Taunton, 1707.".

Mary Deane and Samuel Edson's first child was born in December of 1708, not conclusive, but logical based on a 1707 marriage. Also, it was Mary's husband, Samuel Edson III who gave the land known as "The Glebe" to the church of England which was an incredibly bold move in those times. This too would suggest that Mary Deane was a descendant of the Royals.

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