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Research by: Edson Association, Jim Long, Pat Mote, Sarah Nesbeitt, Barb. Blake Krebs, Janet Griffith
Henry Edson was born in the year 1455 and died in the year 1517 in Adderbury (location), Oxfordshire England.
Children of Henry Edson:

Thomas Edson was born in 1480 in Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England. He married Juliana Bustard who is the descendant of Thomas Bustard of the ancient family of Bustard of Nether Ex in the Commune of Devonshire, England. (map of England)
Children of Thomas Edson and Juliana Bustard:
  • Richard Edson [b. abt. 1510 Warwick, England]
  • Margaret Edson [b. ?? England]

Richard Edson was born around the year 1510 in Warwickshire England. He married Agnes_______ around the year 1530 and died in 1558 or1559 at Fillongley, Warwickshire England.
Children of Richard Edson and Agnes_______:
  • Christina Edson [b. abt.1534 Warwick,England]
  • Anna Edson [b. abt.1536 Warwick,England]
  • Thomas Edson [b. abt.1530/1540][m.1560 Ellen_____][d.1587/1588]

Thomas Edson was born between 1530 and1540 in Warwickshire England. He married Ellen_______ around 1560 and died in 1587 or 1588 at Fillongley, Warwickshire England.
Children of Thomas Edson and Ellen______:
  • Elizabeth Edson [b. abt.1562 Warwick,England]
  • Nicholas Edson [b. abt.1565 Warwick,England]
  • Richard Edson [b. abt.1568 Warwick,England]
  • Thomas Edson [b. abt.1572]][m. 11/1/1596 Elizabeth Copson][d.1649]
  • William Edson [b.1576 Warwick,England]

Thomas Edson Jr. was born about 1572 in Warwickshire England. He married Elizabeth Copson on November 1, 1596. Elizabeth was born around 1570 and died about 1619 in England. Thomas died after 1649 in England.
Children of Thomas Edson Jr. and Elizabeth Copson:
  • William Edson [b. abt.1598 Warwick,England]
  • Anna Edson [b. abt.1602 Warwick,England]
  • Nicholas Edson [b. abt.1607 Warwick,England][m. Amphillis][d. 4/4/1608]
  • Samuel Edson [b.1613 Warwick][m.1638 Sarah Orcutt][d.7/19/1692 Bridgewater, Plymouth,MA]
  • Joshua Edson [b. abt.1616 Warwick,England]
  • Walter Edson [b. abt.1619][d.12/1/1633 Warwick,England]

Deacon Samuel Edson was born about 1612 in Fillongley, Warwickshire England where he was baptized on September 5, 1613. There is now a dispute as to exact identity of his wife. Documented by Naum Mitchell is his marriage to a Susannah Orcutt who was thought to be born around 1618 in England. New facts are documented in the following points by Joel Thomas Orcutt:

  • Fact 1
    There has never been any person named Susannah Orcutt ever recorded to have married Samuel Edson. The record of marriage Mar 1, 1638, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England, states Samuel Edson married Susannah BICKLEY.
  • Fact 2
    Susannah Bickley was the sister of Margaret BICKLEY who married William Awcotte,(Orcott), May 1635, Over Whitacre, Warwickshire, England. Their son, William Awcotte/Orcott, born 1639 Mancetter, Warwickshire, England and settled in Plymouth, Mass, was the nephew of Susannah [Bickley] Edson, and not the brother, as for these many years previous supposed to have been.
  • Fact 3
    There has never been a birth record uncovered for a Susannah Orcutt born 1618 in Massachusettes or England.
  • Fact 4 (the big one!)
    From parish records of the Holy Trinity Church for Sutton Coldfield held in the Society of Genealogist;
    "Christenings and Marriages 1603-1699" - "1638, 1st March."
    "Samuel Edson and Susannah Bickley of the parish of Whittaker were married in this church by virtue of a Licence."

That as it is, Samuel Edson and his wife Susannah migrated to Salem, Essex County Massachusetts sometime before 1639 and then moved to Bridgewater, Plymouth County Massachusetts around the year 1650.

Samuel Edson was highly prominent in Bridgewater where he and his son in law James Kieth, were added to the list of the fifty-four original proprietors. This list includes the historic Mayflower Pilgrim names of Miles Standish and John Alden. Mr. Edson built the first corn-mill in 1662 and was a deacon in the Puritan church between 1664 and 1692. In the year 1657 he was made a "Freeman" and was a member of the Council of War (King Philip's War) between 1666 and 1676. He was made foreman of a jury to lay out roads 1667 and 1672. He represented the town of Bridgewater in the General Court at Plymouth 1676 and was appointed, with others, to settle the boundary line between Bridgewater and Middleboro and between Bridgewater and Taunton 1680.

Samuel Edson recorded his will on January 15, 1688 or 1689 and died on July 19, 1692 in West Bridgewater. His estate was probated on September 20, 1692. Susannah Edson died on February 20, 1699 at West Bridgewater.

Children of Samuel Edson and Susannah:
  • Susanna Edson [b.abt.1640 Salem, Essex Co. MA][m. Rev James Kieth][d. 1705 Bridgewater MA]
  • Sarah Edson [b. abt.1641 Salem MA][m. John Dean][d.12/8/1717 Taunton,Bristol Co. MA]
  • Elizabeth Edson [b. abt.1643 Salem MA][m. Richard Phillips][d. aft.1694]
  • Samuel Edson Jr.[b.1645 Salem MA][m. 1678 Susannah Byram][d.4/10/1717 Br. MA]
  • Mary Edson [b. abt.1647 Salem MA][m. Nicholas Byram jr][ d.1727 Bridgewater MA]
  • Joseph Edson [b.1649 Salem MA][m. Experience Field m.Mary Turner][d. aft.1712]
  • Josiah Edson [b.abt.1651 Duxbury, Plymouth Co.MA][m. Elizabeth Hayward][d. 1734 Bridgewater]
  • Bethiah Edson [b.3/2/1654 Duxbury MA][m. Ezra Dean][d. aft.1683]

Samuel Edson Jr. was born in 1645 at Salem, Essex County Massachusetts. He married Susannah Bryam in the year 1678 at Bridgewater, Plymouth County Massachusetts. Susannah was born in Weymouth, Middlesex County Massachusetts in the year 1648 and is the daughter of Nicholas Byram and Susannah Shaw. She died on May 12, 1741 in Bridgewater. Samuel Edson died on April 10, 1717 at Bridgewater.
Children of Samuel Edson Jr. and Susannah Byram:
  • Susanna Edson [b.1/15/1679 Bridgewater MA][m.J Hayward/E Bret][d. 1743 Bridgewater]
  • Elizabeth Edson [b. 8/29/1685 Bridgewater MA][m. Samuel Packard][d.6/18/1716 Bridgewater]
  • Samuel Edson III [b.1/14/1689-90 Bridgewater][m. 1/1/1707-08 Mary Dean][d.12/27/771]

Samuel Edson III was born on January 14, 1689 or 1690 in Bridgewater Massachusetts. On January 1, 1707 he married Mary Deane who was the daughter of Benjamin Deane and Sarah Wiliams and was born in Taunton, Bristol County Massachusetts on June 15 1687. Mary may be the decsendent of Monarchs from Norman line. She died on February 5, 1770. Samuel died on December 27, 1771 at Bridgewater. In a bold move, Samuel gave 14 acres of land known as "The Glebe" to the Church of England to build a church. The site is that of the current day Trinity Episcopal Church on Main Street. Samuel and Mary are buried just a block west of the church.
Children of Samuel Edson III and Mary Deane:
  • Susanna Edson [b.12/14/1708 Bridgewater MA][m.1736 Samuel Hayward]
  • Bethiah Edson [b. 1/2/1710 Bridgewater][d. aft.1733]
  • Mary Edson [b. 3/9/1712 Bridgewater][m.George Packard][ d. aft.1740]
  • Samuel Edson [b. 3/14/1714 Bridgewater][m. 2/26/1738 Martha Perkins][d. 2/25/1801]
  • Nathan Edson [b. 3/14/1716 Bridgewater][m.Mary Sprague][d. 3/30/1751Bridgewater]
  • Abel Edson [b.1/19/1718 Bridgewater][m. Margaret Conant 1739][d. bf.1804]
  • Obed Edson [b.12/31/1720 Brdwtr][m.Kutura Willis, 2nd Martha Thomas][d.1804 Otsego Co. NY]
  • Elizabeth Edson [b.12/16/1722 Bridgewater][m.Benanuel Leach][d. aft.1745]
  • Sarah Edson [b.1724 Bridgewater][m. 1749 John Cooper][d. 5/6/1726 Bridgewater]
  • Silence Edson [b. 11/9/1726 Bridgewater][m.1747 Nehemiah Packard][d.bef.1782]
  • Ebenezer Edson [b. 12/7/1727][d.prob. VT]
  • John Edson [b. 3/30/1729][d.prob. VT]
  • Ezra Edson [b. 7/28/1730][m.Rebecca Johnson]
  • Sarah Edson [b. 5/27/1732]

Abel Edson was born on Jan 19,1718 at Bridgewater, Plymouth County Massachusettes. In the year 1739 he married Margaret Conant, the daughter of Nathaniel Conant Jr. and Elizabeth Haines of Bridgewater. The Conants are descendants of Roger Conant who founded the town of Salem Massachusetts, where there is a statue of him standing in the square. Margaret was born on June 3, 1722. They lived on the east side of south street, just south of the mile brook in Bridgewater MA.
Children of Abel Edson and Margaret Conant:
  • ______ Edson [b. 1740 Bridgewater, Plymouth Co. MA][d. 8/10/1741 Bridgewater]
  • Bathsheba Edson [b. 1742 Brdwtr][m. 10/18/1762 John Carver b. Milford NY][d. 8/9/1836 Maine]
  • Rachel Edson [b. 1/13/1744 Bridgewater][ d. 1/17/1744]
  • Cyrus Edson [b. 1746 Bridgewater] (May have served in the Revolutionary War)
  • Marquis ? Edson [b. 1748 Bridgewater]
  • Abel Edson [b. 1/16/1750 Bridgewater][m. 5/2/1771 Elizabeth "Betty" Trask][d. prob. VT]
  • Levi Edson [b. 3/2/1754 Bridgewater][m. 9/3/1774 Sarah Hayward][d. 1/20/1777]
  • Bethia Edson [b. 3/2/1754 brdwtr][m. 11/25/1773 Consider Borden, 2nd m. Jonathan Sampson]
  • Daniel Edson [b. 4/17/1756 Bridgewater] (twin)
  • Elizabeth Edson [b. 4/171756 Bridgewater][m. 11/24/1774 Rodolphus Borden] (twin)
  • Keziah Edson [b. 7-Feb-1758 Bridgewater]
  • Orpha Edson [b. 1759 Bridgewater][m. 8/6/1785 Marshall Harvey]
  • Bezaleel Edson [b. 1763]
  • Rufus Edson [b. 11/30/1765 Bridgewater][m. Mary Cole 8/22/1783][d. 6/23/1828 Italy, Yates Co, NY]

Rufus Edson Sr. was born November 30, 1765 in Bridgewater Massachusetts. He married Mary "Molly" Cole of Mido' in 1783. Molly is most likely the daughter of Nathaniel Cole and Hezadiah Sampson. Her Great-Great-Great Grandfather was Phillip De lanoy (Delano) who came from Holland to America on the ship The Fortune.

In 1784, land was deeded to Rufus from his father Abel near the Mile Brook on South Street in Bridgewater MA. The area was known as the Old Ceadar Swamp. Some close neighbors were, Simeon & Ames, John Carver, Thomas Wade, James Alger, Seth & David Lathrop, Joseph Fobes, and Issac Swift.

Rufus and Mary moved to Vermont before 1790 where Rufus ownded land that he sold to Barzillai Burgess in 1793 and more to Robert Park in 1794 from a chunk in in the north of Windham Co. just off the old Stage Coach Road that ran up from what was then Middletown. He purchased land somewhere just across the county line at Chester, Windsor Co. in August of 1800 and sold the land in September of 1813. The family moved to Italy, Yates Co. NY around 1816. They lived so far south of town that they also owned land in Prattsburg, Steuben Co. NY.

Rufus was an early Methodist, having joined that church in Vermont with John Graham Sr., and Robert Graham and his wife. He died at the age of 64 on June 23, 1828 after being stuck by lightning. Mary died on November 9, 1840. Both are buried in the Segar Cemetery which straddles the county line.

Children of Rufus Edson Sr. and Mary Cole:
  • Rufus Edson Jr. [b. abt. 1783][m. 5/16/1786, Nancy Hayes]
  • Daniel Edson Sr. [b. 4/1/1785][m. Esther Carter][d. 4/6/1874 Italy, Yates Co. NY]
  • Marquis Edson [b.9/11/1789][m.5/26/1808 Rachael French][d. 8/18/1872 Windham Co.VT]
  • Mary "Polly" Edson [b.abt.1790][m. 7/28/1807 Abner Greenwood]
  • Hezadiah Edson [b. 1/18/1792][m. 1814, Cephas Hayes][d. 11/3/1873 Buchanan Co. Iowa]
  • Eliza Edson [b. 4/23/1794][m. Amos Arnold][d. 3/23/1862]
  • Philany Edson [b.abt. 1796][m.Calvin Bardeen][d. 2/15/1849]
  • Margaret "Peggy" Edson [b.abt 1800][m.William Smith, Moses Bardeen][d.1868]
  • Mary Ann Edson [b.5/22/1801][m. Noble Sweet]
  • Bezaleel Edson [b.3/10/1802][m. Emma Cleveland][d. Jan. 1859]

Daniel Edson Sr. was born in Windsor County Vermont on April 1, 1785. As a young man he picked a 40 acre site to clear located 2 1/2 miles north of Prattsburg, Steuben Co. NY. It was here here, later known as the Joe Deighton Place where he built a log cabin.

Legend has it that in those early days, Mr. Edson drew lumber from a mill in the town of Wheeler to Canadaigua by horse or ox team and sleigh for six shillings per thousand feet, making two trips per week and camping by the roadside overnight while on the way. The distance was about 35 miles one way and the roads were only trails through the woods. He needed the money to buy wrought nails to build a better home.

He married Esther Carter who was born on January 4, 1788 in Conneticut, and died January 17, 1872. Both are buried in Segar (Bardeen) Cemetery.

Children of Dan Edson Sr. and Esther Carter:
  • Ephraim Ward Edson [b. 10/14/1811][m. Angeline Potter][10/14/1892 in MI]
  • Daniel Edson Jr. [b.1813][m. Fannie Alderman, ____Ellsworth][d. 2/22/1889]
  • Antoinette Edson [b. 1817][m. Mr. Chapman][d. ?]
  • Edmund Edson [b. 2/19/1818][m. 11/5/1840, Mary Ann Carter][d.1889 in MI]
  • Marcus D. Edson [b.1820][m. Lucinda M. Richardson][d. 2/10/1856]
  • Rufus Edson [b. 1820][went west]
  • Bazelelle "Zela" Edson [b. 5/23/1824][m. Eliza Richardson, aft. 1870 Frances Bement]
    [d. 10/16/1897]
  • Mary Emiline Edson [b. abt. 1828][m. Mr. Richardson, Mr. Banner][d. ?]
  • Benjamin S. Edson [b. abt. 1831][m. Mary J. Carson][d.?]

Barzelelle "Zela" Edson was born May, 23 1824 in Trumansburg, Tompkins, now Schuyler Co. New York. (New York census his birth is 1832, and later in Indiana Census 1834) He married Mary Eliza Richardson of Conesus, Livingston Co. NY and they may have lived in the near by town of Sparta. It is not known what became of Eliza Edson, (possibly burried in Laurens, New York).

Zela moved to Jefferson Twp. Elkhart Co. Indiana, where he married his second wife, widow, Frances Bement, Newell, daughter of Harrison Bement and Hannah Powers. She was born in New England on April 10, 1839 and later moved to Mishawaka Indiana with her family. Frances may be a decsendent of Monarchs from the Norman line. Frances Newell's Mother in law was Adelia (Richardson) Newell. Emiline Richardson (see census), is Zela's sister.

Sometime later the Edsons moved to New Paris Indiana where Zela was a liveryman. Zela died on October 16, 1897 of heart trouble. Frances died on December 16, 1905. Both are buried at the Prairie View Cemetery in Jefferson Twp., Elkhart Co. Frances had two children, Cora and William Newell by her first husband, S.E Newell who is also buried at Prarie View.

Children of Barzelelle Edson and Eliza Richardson:
  • Edward Edson [b. 2/2/1859][m. Alice Durkee][d. 12/8/1943]
  • William F Edson [b.3/28/1861, NY][m. Addie Newell] [d.10/27/1935, Spokane, WA]
  • Martha Edson [b. ?][d. ?]
Children of Barzelelle Edson and Frances Bement:
  • Charles Z. Edson [b. 1/7/1879][m. Mary Edith Everhock][d. 6/1/1959]
  • Eugene Edson (picture) [b. abt. 1874][d. abt 1967, Coulee City, Franklin Co. WA]

Charles Z. Edson (picture) was born January 7, 1879 in Elkhart Co. IN. He married Mary Edith Everhock who was the daughter of George Everhock (picture), of German descent from Preble Co. Ohio, and Amanda Cox. Charles was a railroad worker. He was hit in the head by a railroad tie and was mentally disturbed after that. He lived out his life in the Elkhart Co. Infirmary and died June 1, 1959. Mary died on June 27, 1951.
Children of Charles Z. Edson and Mary Edith Everhock:
  • Bernice Edson [b. 3/30/1907][m. Olen J. Holderman][d.11/25/1975]
  • Hazel Edson [b. 1/17/1909][m. William Leroy Long][d. 3/6/1988]

Hazel Celia Edson (picture) was born on Middlebury St. in Goshen on January 17, 1909. She married William Leroy Long on July 23, 1927. She talked allot and and used to say "Well Yent." We never knew what that meant. She was indeed a very positive person, almost childlike, and always seemed happy just to be livin'. She died on March 6, 1988 while living at her daughter Eleanor's residence in Seattle Washington and is buried in Oakridge Cemetery in Goshen Indiana.

I dedicate this page to the memory of my Aunt Bernice (picture). She and Uncle Olen took care of me on many occasions as a child. They wanted children, but never were able to have any. I believe that they loved me as there own child. We used to play many games of checkers and they always had lots of candy and goodies. We would eat pancakes and watch "Lawrence Welk" at supper time. I wish I could tell her that she was a descendent of Kings.
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