Berkeley Castle
Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England

The Berkeley's - Our Link to Royalty

View from the south field of Berkeley Castle
Lord Maurice Berkeley completed this fortress at the command of
Henry II,and is still today the home of the Berkeley family.

Side view of Berkeley Castle
Note the sign "Closed due to Foot and Mouth." Needless to say I was
quite dissapointed not being able to take the tour.

Private entrance to Berkeley Castle (west side)

St. Mary's Berkeley
Berkely, Gloustershire, England
Located very close and to the west of the Castle

Front view of St. Mary's Church at Berkeley Castle
This church is very old. The arcades and the west window and doorway
(shown here) were probably the work of Thomas, the 6th lord,
during the reign of Edward I.

Side View of the Church at Berkeley

Two different side entrances to the church
Notice the statues above the door on the right.

Closer view of the Statues above the door.

Tombs of James de Berkeley and his son, James
The son was killed in battle in France (Castillon 1453) along with
John Talbot in
the closing battle of the Hundred Years War. This
splendid stone effigy of father and son in full armour adorns their
tombs in the small chapel to the side of the chancel.

Wide view of St. Mary's Berkeley altar

Closer view of altar

Inside of the old St. Mary's Church at Berkeley

Pulpit at St. Mary's Holy Water

The Tower at St. Mary's Berkeley
An older church, attached to a tower of which this one is a modern
reproduction, formerly stood on the other side of the churchyard.
It is not known whether it was the prebendal church which existed
here down to the latter end of the twelfth century, or some remnant
of the nunnery which was suppressed in the reign of Edward the Confessor.

View of the tower and the church from viewed from the south field.
The Churchyard is directly between the two and the Berkeley Castle
is directly to the east (left).

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