It's amazing that there are still people in the world who believe that Hogans Secret is still a secret. Actually, the secret is out and has been for quite a long time. It can be found in detail in a book called Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf written by Hogan himself!

Leading up to the writing of the book, sports writer Lawrence Robinson got wind of a drill that Hogan had told other pros about and reported it in the September 1953 issue of Golf Digest.

  • It's a twenty-minute-training routine. When Hogan gets up in the morning, he grabs a club, preferably a wood. With his feet close together, the Little Man clamps his arms tight against his stomach [and] starts a short swing of a few inches, arms still close. Then he gradually lengthens the backswing a foot at a time. He does this for twenty minutes each day until he is taking a full swing, all the while from the close-to-the-body position.
There was much speculation and skepticism about the drill being the actual "secret." And as time went on, we got more from Hogan. Life Magazine ran Hogans Secret on August 8, 1955. Ben Hogan Finally Reveals the Mysterious Maneuver That Made Him a Champion. In the article, Hogan wrote about three mysterious maneuvers.
  • He weakened his left-hand grip, that is, moved it to this left; he fanned the club open on the backswing, and referred to it as "pronation," an intimidating term old Scottish professionals had used to add value to their golf lessons; and he cupped his left wrist inward at the top of the backswing.

The statement in Life Magazine is somewhat confusing, because Hogan wrote in his book, "Every good golfer has his left wrist in a supinating position at impact." The book containing Hogan's fundamentals is where he clears up the gossip and developes earlier writings. He explains every important thing he does when swinging a golf club in great detail. If you want to know about the golf swing, study this book!

Dedicate yourself to the fundamentals as expressed by Hogan, you will play much better golf and be on the road to that mysterious higher level, and develope a greater joy in playing the game.

First Fundamental - The Grip
This is only part of what Hogan wrote about the grip. Please buy the book and read it!
(The goal is not to plagiarize the book, but rather to promote it)

Supination (if there is a secret, this is it!) - Editorial Analysis
Video analysis with Jim Mclean and Johnny Miller

The Missing Piece! (get this book!) - Click
Note the position of the target side hip at the top!. Keep your weight on the target side and your head behind the ball. All you have to do is turn your hips as hard as you want to start the swing. It's an anti-left swing for shure. Similar to the popular stack and tilt, but eliminates all lateral motion.