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Family Tree
A graphic view of the four main lines listed below.

Descended From Deobalt Long

Lutheran Immigrant Ancestor from Germany settles in Pennsylvania. This branch of the family moves from Berks/Montgomery to Snyder County in Pennsylvania, then to Kalamazoo County Michigan and Elkhart County Indiana.

[Surnames: Long, Burger, Danner, Dotterer, Kiefer, Rarick, Truitt, Genzel, Glassmeyer, Doebler, Fertig, Bussler, Dennis, Raby, Reed]

[Researchers: Jim Long, Terry Long, Lisa Long, Pat Mote]
[Danner Researchers: Cathy Rowles, Gloria C. Hartzell, Beverly Schroeder]

Descended from Henry Edson

Puritan family from Adderbury, Oxfordshire England through Fillongley, Warwickshire England, migrated to Salem Massachusetts and Bridgewater, Plymouth Co. Massachusetts where they were among the first settlers. Then moving through Windsor Vermont to the Fingerlakes region of New York and on to Elkhart Co.

[Surnames: Edson, Orcutt, Byram, Deane, Cole, Barber, Gray, Sampson, Eddy, Delano, Carter, Richardson, Bement, Newell, Everhock, and many, many others including ROGER CONANT founder of Salem Mass!]

[Researchers: Jim Long, Pat Mote, Sarah Nesbeitt, Barbara Blake-Krebs]

Descended From Hans Gnage (Kenaga)

Amish Mennonite family from Switzerland. Stops in France and England before coming to Berks County Pennsylvania.  Moves through Lebanon Dauphin, and Mifflin Counties in Pennsylvania before going to LaGrange and Elkhart Counties in Indiana.

[Surnames: Kenaga, Yoder, Holden, Byler, Hooley, Hertzler, Plank, others !]

[Researcher: Pat Mote]

Descended From Jacob Grieb (Cripe)

From Lotzvil, a town in the canton of Berne, Switzerland to an area of eastern Lorraine in the modern-day Moselle, France - through Bedford and Lancaster Counties in Pennsylvania and Montgomery County in Ohio to Elkhart County in Indiana. Includes the family of Daniel Cripe, pioneer settler and founder of the Elkhart Church.

[Surnames: Cripe, Ulrich, Shidler, Miller, Mikesell, Repogle, Baker, Hershey, Self, Loehr, and others including ANNIE OAKLEY !]

[Researcher: Pat Mote, Nancy Cripe ]

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